Glass Beetle Tattoo, Santa Rosa CA: Loren

Loren Butchart was born and raised in Santa Rosa. The middle child of three children whom grew up near downtown Santa Rosa in their parents home. Summers were spent in their parents fireplace shop’s warehouse where cardboard and sharpies were the best way to pass the time. Drawing and using their imagination, these three kids creative side was nurtured through boredom and access to endless amounts of cardboard to draw big. As Loren grew up the more he drew and the more he focused on pursuing his dream of being a professional artist and learning to tattoo. He believes those long summer days spent in the warehouses hanging around tools and sharpies shaped him into the creative person he is today.

Loren studied art at Santa Rosa High’s Artquest program and then later at Santa Rosa Jr. College and at the California College of art in Oakland. An ever present obsession with drawing, painting, writing and overall creating followed Loren through many different jobs from construction apprentice to bicycle mechanic. After living in San Francisco for 3 years he decided to move back to Santa Rosa to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship which was eventually offered to him by his current mentor Sim Schoeman at Glass Beetle tattoo. Loren is honored to work at Glass Beetle tattoo along side his good friend and mentor Sim and his new friend Alfonso and his apprentice Justin.

Loren looks forward to tattooing everyday. He loves meeting and talking with his clients new and old and is inspired by peoples ideas for tattoos. Every challenge is met with a smile. Though he can take on new ideas and styles, Loren loves to tattoo anything animal or anatomy related. Geometric to organic. Black and grey, color or detailed line work.

He subscribes to no specific styles but takes elements from all of them to build custom drawings and tattoos. His favorite artist is Albrecht Durer.

Please look to Loren for some detailed tattoos and possibly a new friend.

Loren's Portfolio

Getting tattooed as a tattooer is a wild experience. I’ve been getting tattooed more often recently and it is always a very interesting, thought provoking and massively humbling activity. To receive what you give, and I give a lot of tattoos.

I learn so many things while getting tattooed , from the perspective of the client and from watching and participating in the ritual of another working tattooer. What a great and magical industry I work in. I am immensely sore and massively inspired today after getting a big piece on my upper thigh, from start to finish in one long session. I also feel like I got slapped around a bit and got shoved back in the back seat where I belong, knocked down a peg or twelve. Made me take a more critical look at my designs, forced me to think deeper into my tattoo process and had me thinking about my philosophy of the tattoo world, where I am going and why. I feel more of us should think this way as people in the tattoo culture.

My clients are strong people. Every tattoo is an adventure for the person receiving and for the person giving. It was time for me to start investing more in the receiving end, to pay forward to my fellow tattoo peers financially and to pay forward some hard hours to remember to respect what I put my clients through.

I thank you all for being so strong and putting up with my strange way of being, for holding still, for pushing through discomfort and believing in me as an artist and tattooer.

I recommend everyone get a large scale tattoo, something that pushes past the 3 hour mark. When your adrenaline has run dry and your mind starts telling you to quit. When you get into the darkness is where you learn the most about yourself. Knocks you down a peg or twelve.