My introduction to tattooing was after high school while working at Mesa Boogie Amps. There were a lot of guys from Laos with traditional tattoos of prayer and other images. Until this point in my life I paid very little attention to tattooed people, as though they didn’t exist. About a year after leaving Boogie I went to the local tattoo shops and talked to a few artists which was a new thing for me as I had never even been into a tattoo shop. I decided to go to Rob Reed of Altered Images in Guerneville. After receiving my spider an web I got a second tattoo shortly after. My third tattoo was soon to follow, at that point I began thinking of becoming a tattooist and asked my artist how I could get into the biz.

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Born in Los Angeles, raised in Graton, Sonoma County. Self taught artist, has been tattooing over 20 years. Won his first art contest in Kindergarten. Preferred medium is pencil, also does air brushing,pin-striping, hand lettering and engraving (metal and glass). Prefers photo realistic, but is versatile in all styles.¬†Although known for his black and grey work, has won awards in multiple catagories such as Best Color, Best Sleeve, Best Back piece, Best leg, Best overall male. In local and other nation wide competitions. Takes pride in all tattoos. From as little as a tiny lady bug, to a full back piece. Alfonso’s hobbies include low rider bike building (owner of 1995 Low Rider Bike Of The Year) fishing, and riding his Harley.

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Loren Butchart was born and raised in Santa Rosa. The middle child of three children whom grew up near downtown Santa Rosa in their parents home. Summers were spent in their parents fireplace shop’s warehouse where cardboard and sharpies were the best way to pass the time. Drawing and using their imagination, these three kids creative side was nurtured through boredom and access to endless amounts of cardboard to draw big. As Loren grew up the more he drew and the more he focused on pursuing his dream of being a professional artist and learning to tattoo. He believes those long summer days spent in the warehouses hanging around tools and sharpies shaped him into the creative person he is today.

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